Showers A Seasonal Sort of Thing

Definitely see what is in local in your area. This is the best way to get affordable flowers. For smaller events you can get away with a couple of more expensive bouquets or center pieces that give you a nice look.

That means if you want to plan a trendy shower you can do that with a couple of pieces, well picked, pieces. The cost won’t get too out of hand. But weddings?

July is Summer weather which means more local growers and less need to order from Holland. This is a good time to be buying flowers. Likely you will not see a price change for roses, orchids or tropicals but you may find early dahlias, peony and “garden” flowers like larkspur, snaps, anemone etc have lower prices.

It is worth a trip to your local florist to ask simply about what is in season in July and what do they buy locally at the time, or what they tend to put on sale. Be honest about your budget, because we work to offer you a service.

To be fair though, wedding flowers are usually ordered well in advance to guarantee they arrive in time, in health, and in the right colors.

I’ll give you an example. My bride wants Peony in May. No problem right? We have an influx in the world market, everyone grows it for it’s short season and it goes from $6.00/stem to a bunch of 5 for $10.00. By leaving it up to market chance to score a better price, we cannot guarantee anything about them, not even their color or development. There goes the pink and creme wedding theme, when we are designing with unopened dark burgundy blooms.

Your florist will best be able to judge based on past prices and current predictions what something is going to average out to cost. They quote and work from there with you.

I fully expect any florist should set aside the time for a full consultation, then after your initial visit to inquire, they will show you pictures and colors of blooms that would be available in July.

July has wide open options, so look deep into what style and aesthetic you want.

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